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    Formatting and Installing from the Windows XP CD


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    hot Formatting and Installing from the Windows XP CD

    Post by faroque on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:42 am

    Formatting and Installing from the Windows XP CD

    Step 1

    This section explains how to reformat a drive from the Windows XP installation CD. This can be used when installing a fresh copy of Windows onto a computer. Here it is especially important to backup all of your important information because upon formatting you will lose EVERYTHING that used to be on the drive. This includes all applications and device drivers, so you must back up everything you can.

    Step 2

    Insert your Windows XP installation disc into your CD drive (Home or Pro--it does not matter).

    Step 3

    Now as you computer boots a little more it will say “Press any key to boot from CD..” press a key to do so.

    Step 4

    The CD will load up a blue screen and then spend a while loading files it needs. When it is finished it will list a few options, mainly “Press ENTER to set up Windows XP.” Press Enter or Return.

    Step 5

    Now you will be at a screen to select where to install Windows to. This is where you can delete old partitions and format drives. The box in the bottom half of the screen shows all your drives and the partitions that exist on them. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to highlight your “C:” partition and press the 'D' key (if all that shows up is “Unpartitioned space” and you have no C: or D: partitions, skip this step). On the next screen press the 'L' key to finalize deleting the partition.

    Step 6

    Now you are back on the screen to choose where to install Windows. The box on the lower half of the screen should no longer show a partition but simply have an entry “Unpartitioned space xxxxxMB.” Select this with the arrow keys and press the 'C' key to create a partition on the drive. The next screen tells you the minimum and maximum sizes the partition can be and lets you pick the size. The default size is the maximum, but double check that the number entered is the maximum and hit enter.

    Step 7

    Now you will again be back at the choose where to install Windows screen. But this time you will have a partition that looks something like this “C: Partition1 [New (Raw)]xxxxxxMB.” Highlight this entry and press enter.

    Step 8

    The next screen lets you choose which file system to format the drive with. Choose NTFS as it is faster and more secure. If the drive is brand new and has never been used before then use one of the options that ends in “(Quick).” Or, choose one of the lower down options. Use the arrow keys to select the proper one and press Enter or Return.

    Step 9

    From here you are all set and the installation of Windows will proceed starting with a format of your drive. This will take a while (over half an hour) so you can take a little break.



    Posts : 607
    Join date : 2010-11-01
    Age : 31
    Location : dhaka,bangladesh

    hot Re: Formatting and Installing from the Windows XP CD

    Post by faroque on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:42 am

    Configure Your BIOS To Boot From CD

    The simplest way to begin a clean install of Windows is to start your computer using the Windows XP CD. When the computer restarts a message will briefly appear on the screen prompting you to press any key to boot from the CD. If this message does not appear, it may mean that you need to configure the BIOS to boot from a CD.

    The BIOS setup settings can be modified using the BIOS CMOS setup program. This program is available at system startup be pressing a specific key such as

    One of these key combos will usually get you into setup.( Depending on your computer model, the way you will access your BIOS set up menu will differ)


    Unfortunately there is no one set of steps to do this because the BIOS settings vary from computer to computer. You will need to check your computer manual or motherboard documentation for the exact steps

    Once you are in the bios Menu you need to look for a setting called Boot sequence, Boot Device or something similar usually found in the Advanced BIOS Settings menu.
    You need to change this so that your CD-ROM if the first boot device and your HDD is second, once that is done choose to save changes and exit to restart your computer.


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