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    Cyclone Calculator v1.00


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    hot Cyclone Calculator v1.00

    Post by faroque on Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:40 am

    Cyclone Calculator v1.00

    - Calculates Alcatel NCK/SPCK codes
    - Calculates Blakcberry Engineering Code
    - 100% free and standalone, no need any activations
    - Box needs be attached upon software startup (in either bootloader or main mode)

    - Supported Models


    - Supported Models/Operators:

    541 ADGB1
    541 AEUY1
    541 AGEC1
    541 AHNL1
    541 ALAE1
    541 ALAP1
    541 ALBG1
    541 ALBY1
    541 ALCL1
    541 ALES1
    541 ALEU1
    541 ALFR1
    541 ALGB1
    541 ALGH1
    541 ALGR1
    541 ALHK1
    541 ALIT1
    541 ALKE1
    541 ALKZ1
    541 ALLY1
    541 ALMX1
    541 ALNC1
    541 ALNP1
    541 ALPL1
    541 ALRO1
    541 ALRU1
    541 ALSG1
    541 ALTR1
    541 ALUA1
    541 ALUS1
    541 AVAR1
    541 AVCL1
    541 AVDO1
    541 AVDO3
    541 AVPA3
    541 AVPE1
    541 AVPR1
    541 AVUY1
    541 BBPG1
    541 BYFR1
    541 CECO1
    541 CECO3
    541 CFMK1
    541 CJUS1
    541 EBES1
    541 EECL1
    541 EECL3
    541 EKES1
    541 FOUS1
    541 IUUS1
    541 IWUS1
    541 LIAR1
    541 LRFR1
    541 LVAR1
    541 M1TE1
    541 MCMA1
    541 MDBE1
    541 MVCO1
    541 MVGT1
    541 MVHN1
    541 MVSV1
    541 OTFA1
    541 PMPT1
    541 PSAR1
    541 QUUS1
    541 RDES1
    541 RGCH1
    541 RGDO3
    541 RGES1
    541 RGFA1
    541 RGFR1
    541 RGGB1
    541 RGRE1
    541 RGRO1
    541 RGSN1
    541 RGTE1
    541 RGTE2
    541 RGTE5
    541 SDUS1
    541 SFRE1
    541 SVRU1
    541 TBNL1
    541 TGMX1
    541 TGMX3
    541 TLAR1
    541 TLAR3
    541 TLCL3
    541 TLCO3
    541 TLES1
    541 TLGT3
    541 TLMX1
    541 TLMX3
    541 TLNI1
    541 TLSV3
    541 TLUY1
    541 TLVE3
    541 TWGB1
    541 UCUS1
    541 UUUS1
    541 UVUS1
    541 VDAU1
    541 VDCY1
    541 VDDE1
    541 VDES1
    541 VDFJ1
    541 VDGB1
    541 VDGH1
    541 VDGR1
    541 VDHU1
    541 VDIE1
    541 VDIT1
    541 VDLU1
    541 VDMK1
    541 VDMT1
    541 VDMY1
    541 VDNL1
    541 VDNZ1
    541 VDPT1
    541 VDPT2
    541 VDRO1
    541 VGFR1
    541 VMVE1
    541 VMVE3
    541 WCDO1
    541 ZAGA1
    B331 VDAU1
    B331 VDES1
    B331 VDHU1
    B331 VDPT1
    E101FLIP AEUY1
    E101FLIP ALAE1
    E101FLIP ALAP1
    E101FLIP ALBR1
    E101FLIP ALBY1
    E101FLIP ALES1
    E101FLIP ALEU1
    E101FLIP ALFR1
    E101FLIP ALHK1
    E101FLIP ALIE1
    E101FLIP ALIT1
    E101FLIP ALKE1
    E101FLIP ALKZ1
    E101FLIP ALLY1
    E101FLIP ALNC1
    E101FLIP ALRU1
    E101FLIP ALUA1
    E101FLIP AVDO3
    E101FLIP AVPA3
    E101FLIP AVPE1
    E101FLIP AVUY1
    E101FLIP CECO3
    E101FLIP CFMK1
    E101FLIP EBES1
    E101FLIP EKES1
    E101FLIP LIAR1
    E101FLIP LVAR1
    E101FLIP MVHN1
    E101FLIP PGIT1
    E101FLIP PSAR1
    E101FLIP RGTE5
    E101FLIP SFRE1
    E101FLIP SVRU1
    E101FLIP TBGB1
    E101FLIP TGMX1
    E101FLIP TLCO3
    E101FLIP TLMX1
    E101FLIP TLMX3
    E101FLIP TLUY1
    E101FLIP TLUY3
    E101FLIP UCUS1
    E101FLIP VMVE1
    E101FLIP VMVE3
    E101FLIP WCDO1
    I650 AVCL1
    I650 CECO1
    I650 EECL1
    I650 EKES1
    I650 KPNL1
    I650 MVSVA
    I650 OTFA1
    I650 RGDO1
    I650 RGFA1
    I650 RGMU1
    I650 SFRE1
    I650 T1MG1
    I650 TBHU1
    I650 TFNL1
    I650 TGMX1
    I650 TLMX1
    I650 TLPEA
    I650 TLPEB
    I650 TLVE1
    I650 TMPT1
    I650 VDFJ1
    I650 VDHU1
    I650 VDPT1
    I650 VMVE1
    I650 VOPY1
    OT103 ALBE1
    OT103 ALES1
    OT103 ALEU1
    OT103 ALFR1
    OT103 ALIE1
    OT103 ALIT1
    OT103 ALKE1
    OT103 ALMX1
    OT103 ALNL1
    OT103 ALRO1
    OT103 ALRU1
    OT103 ALUA1
    OT103 AVDO1
    OT103 AVDO3
    OT103 AVDO4
    OT103 BBPG1
    OT103 DCHT1
    OT103 FOIL1
    OT103 ICCR1
    OT103 M1CI1
    OT103 M1TE1
    OT103 MVGT1
    OT103 MVHN1
    OT103 OTFA1
    OT103 RGDO4
    OT103 RGDO9
    OT103 RGGQ1
    OT103 RGTE1
    OT103 RGTE2
    OT103 RGTE5
    OT103 T2CV1
    OT103 TGMX1
    OT103 TLMX1
    OT103 TLMX3
    OT103 TLPE3
    OT103 TMCV1
    OT103 TMST1
    OT103 TTTP1
    OT103 WCDO1
    OT203 AFCO3
    OT203 AHNL1
    OT203 ALAE1
    OT203 ALAP1
    OT203 ALAR1
    OT203 ALBG1
    OT203 ALBY1
    OT203 ALCY1
    OT203 ALEU1
    OT203 ALFR1
    OT203 ALGR1
    OT203 ALHI1
    OT203 ALKE1
    OT203 ALKZ1
    OT203 ALMX1
    OT203 ALNL1
    OT203 ALRO1
    OT203 ALRU1
    OT203 ALUA1
    OT203 AVAR3
    OT203 AVDO3
    OT203 AVDO4
    OT203 AVPA3
    OT203 AVPE1
    OT203 AVUY1
    OT203 BBPG1
    OT203 CECO3
    OT203 CFMK1
    OT203 EECL1
    OT203 EECL3
    OT203 HBMY1
    OT203 ICCR1
    OT203 MVHN1
    OT203 MVSV1
    OT203 OAIL1
    OT203 PAHU1
    OT203 PCEC1
    OT203 PCEC3
    OT203 RGCM1
    OT203 RGDO4
    OT203 RGDO9
    OT203 RGFA1
    OT203 RGMU1
    OT203 RGTE1
    OT203 RGTE2
    OT203 RGTE5
    OT203 RGTE8
    OT203 SFRE1
    OT203 T2CV1
    OT203 TBHU1
    OT203 TLCO3
    OT203 TLGT3
    OT203 TLMX1
    OT203 TLMX3
    OT203 TLPA3
    OT203 TLPE3
    OT203 TLSV3
    OT203 TLVE3
    OT203 TZTN1
    OT203 VDFJ1
    OT203 WCDO1
    OT203 WEIL1
    OT203 WNIT1
    OT203 ZAGH1
    OT203A AFCO3
    OT203A AHNL1
    OT203A ALAE1
    OT203A ALAP1
    OT203A ALAR1
    OT203A ALBG1
    OT203A ALBY1
    OT203A ALCY1
    OT203A ALEU1
    OT203A ALFR1
    OT203A ALGR1
    OT203A ALHI1
    OT203A ALKE1
    OT203A ALKZ1
    OT203A ALMX1
    OT203A ALNL1
    OT203A ALRO1
    OT203A ALRU1
    OT203A ALUA1
    OT203A AVAR3
    OT203A AVDO3
    OT203A AVDO4
    OT203A AVPA3
    OT203A AVPE1
    OT203A AVUY1
    OT203A BBPG1
    OT203A CECO3
    OT203A CFMK1
    OT203A EECL1
    OT203A EECL3
    OT203A HBMY1
    OT203A ICCR1
    OT203A MVHN1
    OT203A MVSV1
    OT203A OAIL1
    OT203A PAHU1
    OT203A PCEC1
    OT203A PCEC3
    OT203A RGCM1
    OT203A RGDO4
    OT203A RGDO9
    OT203A RGFA1
    OT203A RGMU1
    OT203A RGTE1
    OT203A RGTE2
    OT203A RGTE5
    OT203A RGTE8
    OT203A SFRE1
    OT203A T2CV1
    OT203A TBHU1
    OT203A TLCO3
    OT203A TLGT3
    OT203A TLMX1
    OT203A TLMX3
    OT203A TLPA3
    OT203A TLPE3
    OT203A TLSV3
    OT203A TLVE3
    OT203A TZTN1
    OT203A VDFJ1
    OT203A WCDO1
    OT203A WEIL1
    OT203A WNIT1
    OT203A ZAGH1
    OT203E ALFR1
    OT203E ALGB1
    OT203E ALIE1
    OT203E ALIT1
    OT203E ALPL1
    OT203E CUFR1
    OT203E LRFR1
    OT203E MHFR1
    OT203E RGGB1
    OT203E VDES1
    OT203E VRGB1
    OT280 ALEU1
    OT280 ALFR1
    OT280 ALLY1
    OT280 ALRU1
    OT280 RGFA1
    OT280 RGFR1
    OT280 RGMU1
    OT280 RGRE1
    OT303 AEUY1
    OT303 ALAE1
    OT303 ALAP1
    OT303 ALAR1
    OT303 ALBE1
    OT303 ALBG1
    OT303 ALBR1
    OT303 ALBY1
    OT303 ALCY1
    OT303 ALEU1
    OT303 ALFR1
    OT303 ALGB1
    OT303 ALIE1
    OT303 ALIN1
    OT303 ALIT1
    OT303 ALKE1
    OT303 ALKZ1
    OT303 ALLY1
    OT303 ALNC1
    OT303 ALNL1
    OT303 ALRO1
    OT303 ALRU1
    OT303 ALTR1
    OT303 AVCL1
    OT303 AVDO1
    OT303 AVDO3
    OT303 AVPA1
    OT303 AVPA3
    OT303 BBPG1
    OT303 BYFR1
    OT303 CECO1
    OT303 CECO3
    OT303 CFMK1
    OT303 CSGR1
    OT303 EECL3
    OT303 FOIL1
    OT303 FOIL2
    OT303 HYIL1
    OT303 LIAR1
    OT303 LVAR1
    OT303 M1TE1
    OT303 MCMA1
    OT303 MSUA1
    OT303 MVGT1
    OT303 OTFA1
    OT303 PCEC1
    OT303 PCEC3
    OT303 RGDO1
    OT303 RGDO3
    OT303 RGFA1
    OT303 RGGQ1
    OT303 RGMU1
    OT303 RGSN1
    OT303 RGTE1
    OT303 RGTE2
    OT303 SFFR1
    OT303 SFRE1
    OT303 T2CV1
    OT303 TBHU1
    OT303 TGMX1
    OT303 TLMX1
    OT303 TLMX3
    OT303 TLUY1
    OT303 VAVN1
    OT303 VDFJ1
    OT303 VMVE1
    OT303 WCDO1
    OT303 WNIT1
    OT303 WRCB1
    OT303 WYIL1
    OT360 AVPE1
    OT360 CECO3
    OT360 LIAR1
    OT360 LVAR1
    OT360 TLUY1
    OT360 TLVE1
    OT360 WCDO1
    OT363 ALAE1
    OT363 ALAP1
    OT363 ALBR1
    OT363 ALBY1
    OT363 ALCY1
    OT363 ALES1
    OT363 ALEU0
    OT363 ALEU1
    OT363 ALFR1
    OT363 ALGB1
    OT363 ALGR1
    OT363 ALKZ1
    OT363 ALNC1
    OT363 ALPL1
    OT363 ALRO1
    OT363 ALRU1
    OT363 ALUA1
    OT363 AVDO3
    OT363 BBPG1
    OT363 BYFR1
    OT363 CECO3
    OT363 CFMK1
    OT363 EECL3
    OT363 EKES1
    OT363 KPNL1
    OT363 MVGT1
    OT363 MVHN1
    OT363 MVSV1
    OT363 OTFA1
    OT363 RGCH1
    OT363 RGDO1
    OT363 RGDO3
    OT363 RGES1
    OT363 RGFA1
    OT363 RGFR1
    OT363 RGGB1
    OT363 RGMD1
    OT363 RGPL1
    OT363 RGRE1
    OT363 RGRO1
    OT363 RGTE1
    OT363 RGTE2
    OT363 RGTE5
    OT363 TIIT1
    OT363 TLES1
    OT363 TLMX1
    OT363 TLMX3
    OT363 TLUY1
    OT363 UUUS1
    OT363 VAVN1
    OT363 VDES1
    OT363 VDFJ1
    OT363 WCDO1
    OT383 AEUY1
    OT383 ALAE1
    OT383 ALEU1
    OT383 ALFR1
    OT383 ALGR1
    OT383 ALNC1
    OT383 ALRU1
    OT383 ALUA1
    OT383 CECO3
    OT383 OTFA1
    OT383 RGFA1
    OT383 RGTE1
    OT383 RGTE2
    OT383 RGTE5
    OT383 TGMX1
    OT383 TGMX3
    OT383 TLMX1
    OT383 TLMX3
    OT383 TLVE1
    OT383 TLVE3
    OT383 VDFJ1
    OT600 AEUY1
    OT600 AGEC1
    OT600 ALAP1
    OT600 ALCY1
    OT600 ALDE1
    OT600 ALEU1
    OT600 ALHK1
    OT600 ALLY1
    OT600 ALNL1
    OT600 ALUA1
    OT600 AVCL1
    OT600 AVDO3
    OT600 AVPE1
    OT600 CECO3
    OT600 CFMK1
    OT600 CSGR1
    OT600 MVHN1
    OT600 OTFA1
    OT600 RGDO3
    OT600 RGFA1
    OT600 RGTE1
    OT600 RGTE2
    OT600 TBHU1
    OT600 TIVE1
    OT600 TLCL3
    OT600 TLMX1
    OT600 TLMX3
    OT600 VRGB1
    OT600 WCDO1
    OT660 AEUY1
    OT660 ALAE1
    OT660 ALAP1
    OT660 ALBR1
    OT660 ALBY1
    OT660 ALES1
    OT660 ALEU1
    OT660 ALFR1
    OT660 ALHK1
    OT660 ALIE1
    OT660 ALIT1
    OT660 ALKE1
    OT660 ALKZ1
    OT660 ALLY1
    OT660 ALNC1
    OT660 ALRU1
    OT660 ALUA1
    OT660 AVDO3
    OT660 AVPA3
    OT660 AVPE1
    OT660 AVUY1
    OT660 CECO3
    OT660 CFMK1
    OT660 EBES1
    OT660 EKES1
    OT660 LIAR1
    OT660 LVAR1
    OT660 MVHN1
    OT660 PGIT1
    OT660 PSAR1
    OT660 RGTE5
    OT660 SFRE1
    OT660 SVRU1
    OT660 TBGB1
    OT660 TGMX1
    OT660 TLCO3
    OT660 TLMX1
    OT660 TLMX3
    OT660 TLUY1
    OT660 TLUY3
    OT660 UCUS1
    OT660 VMVE1
    OT660 VMVE3
    OT660 WCDO1
    OT708 ADGB1
    OT708 AEUY1
    OT708 AGEC1
    OT708 AHNL1
    OT708 ALAE1
    OT708 ALAP1
    OT708 ALBG1
    OT708 ALBY1
    OT708 ALCL1
    OT708 ALES1
    OT708 ALEU1
    OT708 ALFR1
    OT708 ALGB1
    OT708 ALGH1
    OT708 ALGR1
    OT708 ALHK1
    OT708 ALIT1
    OT708 ALKE1
    OT708 ALKZ1
    OT708 ALLY1
    OT708 ALMX1
    OT708 ALNC1
    OT708 ALNP1
    OT708 ALPL1
    OT708 ALRO1
    OT708 ALRU1
    OT708 ALSG1
    OT708 ALTR1
    OT708 ALUA1
    OT708 ALUS1
    OT708 AVAR1
    OT708 AVCL1
    OT708 AVDO1
    OT708 AVDO3
    OT708 AVPA3
    OT708 AVPE1
    OT708 AVPR1
    OT708 AVUY1
    OT708 BBPG1
    OT708 BYFR1
    OT708 CECO1
    OT708 CECO3
    OT708 CFMK1
    OT708 CJUS1
    OT708 EBES1
    OT708 EECL1
    OT708 EECL3
    OT708 EKES1
    OT708 FOUS1
    OT708 IUUS1
    OT708 IWUS1
    OT708 LIAR1
    OT708 LRFR1
    OT708 LVAR1
    OT708 M1TE1
    OT708 MCMA1
    OT708 MDBE1
    OT708 MVCO1
    OT708 MVGT1
    OT708 MVHN1
    OT708 MVSV1
    OT708 OTFA1
    OT708 PMPT1
    OT708 PSAR1
    OT708 QUUS1
    OT708 RDES1
    OT708 RGCH1
    OT708 RGDO3
    OT708 RGES1
    OT708 RGFA1
    OT708 RGFR1
    OT708 RGGB1
    OT708 RGRE1
    OT708 RGRO1
    OT708 RGSN1
    OT708 RGTE1
    OT708 RGTE2
    OT708 RGTE5
    OT708 SDUS1
    OT708 SFRE1
    OT708 SVRU1
    OT708 TBNL1
    OT708 TGMX1
    OT708 TGMX3
    OT708 TLAR1
    OT708 TLAR3
    OT708 TLCL3
    OT708 TLCO3
    OT708 TLES1
    OT708 TLGT3
    OT708 TLMX1
    OT708 TLMX3
    OT708 TLNI1
    OT708 TLSV3
    OT708 TLUY1
    OT708 TLVE3
    OT708 TWGB1
    OT708 UCUS1
    OT708 UUUS1
    OT708 UVUS1
    OT708 VDAU1
    OT708 VDCY1
    OT708 VDDE1
    OT708 VDES1
    OT708 VDFJ1
    OT708 VDGB1
    OT708 VDGH1
    OT708 VDGR1
    OT708 VDHU1
    OT708 VDIE1
    OT708 VDIT1
    OT708 VDLU1
    OT708 VDMK1
    OT708 VDMT1
    OT708 VDMY1
    OT708 VDNL1
    OT708 VDNZ1
    OT708 VDPT1
    OT708 VDPT2
    OT708 VDRO1
    OT708 VGFR1
    OT708 VMVE1
    OT708 VMVE3
    OT708 WCDO1
    OT708 ZAGA1
    OT800 AEUY1
    OT800 AGECA
    OT800 ALAE1
    OT800 ALAP1
    OT800 ALAT1
    OT800 ALBR1
    OT800 ALCN1
    OT800 ALCN2
    OT800 ALDE1
    OT800 ALES1
    OT800 ALEU1
    OT800 ALEU2
    OT800 ALFR1
    OT800 ALGB1
    OT800 ALGH1
    OT800 ALGR1
    OT800 ALHK1
    OT800 ALHU1
    OT800 ALIT1
    OT800 ALLY1
    OT800 ALNC1
    OT800 ALNL1
    OT800 ALPL1
    OT800 ALRS1
    OT800 ALRU1
    OT800 ALUA1
    OT800 ALUS1
    OT800 ALUSH
    OT800 AVAR1
    OT800 AVCL1
    OT800 AVPE1
    OT800 AVPR1
    OT800 AVPY1
    OT800 AVUY1
    OT800 BBPG1
    OT800 BOCN1
    OT800 BTIT1
    OT800 BYFR1
    OT800 CFMK1
    OT800 CJUS1
    OT800 CJUSH
    OT800 CUFR1
    OT800 DWUS1
    OT800 EECL3
    OT800 EKES1
    OT800 ERPL1
    OT800 FOUS1
    OT800 GUUS1
    OT800 HBMY1
    OT800 ICCR1
    OT800 IUUS1
    OT800 IUUSH
    OT800 IWUS1
    OT800 JCAU1
    OT800 KPNL1
    OT800 LIAR1
    OT800 MDBE1
    OT800 MVGT1
    OT800 MVGTA
    OT800 MVHN1
    OT800 MVSV1
    OT800 OCUS1
    OT800 OTFA1
    OT800 PCEC1
    OT800 PCEC3
    OT800 QUUS1
    OT800 RCUS1
    OT800 RGFA1
    OT800 RGFR1
    OT800 RGMG1
    OT800 RGMU1
    OT800 RGRE1
    OT800 RGRO1
    OT800 RGSN1
    OT800 RGTE2
    OT800 RGTE5
    OT800 SDUS1
    OT800 SFFR1
    OT800 SXIN1
    OT800 SYUS1
    OT800 TBCZ1
    OT800 TBEU1
    OT800 TBGB1
    OT800 TBHU1
    OT800 TBMK1
    OT800 TBNL1
    OT800 TGMX1
    OT800 TGMX3
    OT800 TIIT1
    OT800 TIVE1
    OT800 TLAR1
    OT800 TLARB
    OT800 TLCLB
    OT800 TLCOB
    OT800 TLECB
    OT800 TLGT3
    OT800 TLMX1
    OT800 TLMXA
    OT800 TLPEB
    OT800 TLSVB
    OT800 TLUY1
    OT800 TLUYB
    OT800 TLVEB
    OT800 TWGB1
    OT800 UCUS1
    OT800 UUUS1
    OT800 UVUS1
    OT800 VAVN1
    OT800 VDFJ1
    OT800 VDLU1
    OT800 VDPT1
    OT800 VLUS1
    OT800 VMVE1
    OT800 VMVE3
    OT800 VNRS1
    OT800 WCDO1
    OT800 WCUS1
    OT800 WCUSH
    OT800 YAID1
    OT800 ZAGA1
    OTV570 ALAP1
    OTV570 ALES1
    OTV570 ALEU1
    OTV570 ALFR1
    OTV570 ALGR1
    OTV570 ALLY1
    OTV570 AVDO1
    OTV570 CECO1
    OTV570 RGFR1
    OTV570 RGFR2
    OTV570 T1MG1
    OTV570 TLCL1
    OTV570 TLMX1
    OTV570 TZTN1
    OTV570 VDFJ1
    OTV570 VMVE1
    OTV570 VVBG1
    S621 KPNL1
    S621 RGCH1
    S621 RGMU1
    S621 RGPL1
    S621 RGRE1
    S621 RGTE1
    S621 T1MG1
    S621 TBHR1
    S621 TBMK1
    S621 TLMX1
    S621 VDFJ1
    S621 VRGB1
    VM621I AEUY1
    VM621I AGEC1
    VM621I ALAP1
    VM621I ALCY1
    VM621I ALDE1
    VM621I ALEU1
    VM621I ALHK1
    VM621I ALLY1
    VM621I ALNL1
    VM621I ALUA1
    VM621I AVCL1
    VM621I AVDO3
    VM621I AVPE1
    VM621I CECO3
    VM621I CFMK1
    VM621I CSGR1
    VM621I MVHN1
    VM621I OTFA1
    VM621I RGDO3
    VM621I RGFA1
    VM621I RGTE1
    VM621I RGTE2
    VM621I TBHU1
    VM621I TIVE1
    VM621I TLCL3
    VM621I TLMX1
    VM621I TLMX3
    VM621I VRGB1
    VM621I WCDO1

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    Cyclone Calculator v1.00 Coollogocom1168691

    Cyclone Calculator v1.00 2zq4ras-1

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